Streamline Apple Mobile Device Management

  • Centrally administer Apple mobile devices along with Windows devices directly in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)
  • Easily enroll and manage all iPhone and iPad devices in your organization
  • Straightforward to enforce compliance using Configuration Profiles

Features for Apple Mobile Devices

A cost-effective, on-premises solution for managing iPhones and iPads in organizations

User-initiated Enrollment with MDM

Simplify the enrollment of Apple devices to MECM with user-initiated Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrollment. IT admins simply provide a link to a web form that guides the user to enroll in MECM.

DEP Enrollment

Efficiently enroll Apple mobile devices to MECM with zero-touch configuration using Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) functionality. IT teams can remotely prepare enrollment profiles for numerous company-owned mobile devices without having to configure them one at a time, on-site.

Mobile Device Inventory Reporting

Easily access the comprehensive Apple mobile device inventory the same way as Mac computers. Configure the scheduled retrieval of Apple mobile device inventory in MECM and retrieve device information, which can be used for generating reports and creating targeted device collections.

Deployment of Configuration Profiles

For organizations that want to manage and configure collections of Apple mobile devices in MECM, it’s straightforward to enforce compliance with Configuration Profiles, following the familiar workflow used for Mac computers.

VPP Applications

IT administrators can streamline the deployment and installment of VPP apps to employees’ Apple mobile devices, improving productivity. With centralized administration in MECM, it’s simple to assign required apps to users.

Installing Configuration Profiles During DEP Enrollment

Reduce the time required for initial device configuration and improve the deployment experience for mobile device users. Administrators choose which Configuration Profiles will be installed immediately after DEP enrollment.

Automatic Assignment of Default DEP Profiles to New Devices

Simplify the management of DEP devices by configuring an enrollment profile that is automatically assigned to new devices. Administrators can easily configure the default devices enrollment profile, which is then automatically assigned to all new devices.

Remote Lock / Wipe

Prevent corporate data loss by locking or wiping devices remotely when lost or stolen. When required, administrators can initiate the remote lock or conduct a complete wipe for a breached device.

De-enroll Apple Mobile Device

When Apple mobile devices require retirement or a user leaves the company and either returns their device or no longer needs access to company resources from their personal device, administrators may quickly perform a de-enrollment of devices from MDM and MECM.